Good data catalogs are hard to design,

and near-impossible to maintain.


AfterData uses Metadata Intelligence to help organizations create, maintain and distribute knowledge about data assets available for analytics.

Okay, here is what we all know.


Underneath almost every digital solution, there is a database. And behind every business unit, there are crucial datasets that decision-makers depend on to deliver results. Yet in the enterprise world, more often than not, data is silo-ed, and metadata is fragmented.

Despite the variety of BI solutions, there is a severe lack of tooling for data discovery. Business teams then become overly dependent on IT teams to retrieve data of interest.

Businesses are moving to the cloud and embracing data warehouses, but change management is costly. No matter if data warehouse or data lake, on-premises or cloud-based.

AfterData provides a visual, interactive and query-able map of all datasets in the organization. It is like Google Maps for data assets.

For long, enterprises have been adopting data catalog and metadata management solutions. But the next generation of data solutions needs to be adaptive, friendly and automated. These are the core values AfterData brings to our customers.


Map Your Data

Data is the new currency.

Today, enterprises are constantly challenged by the increase in volume and variety of data being produced and consumed across the organization. At the same time, analytics has become crucial to extracting business value out of available datasets.

AfterData makes the pre-analytics activities of dataset publishing, dataset profiling, dataset search, dataset content exploration, and mapping of business processes to datasets more cost-effective.

It drastically reduces the need for ETL, data catalogs and data engineering knowledge.

Your data teams will never be lost again.



AfterData is not another BI solution

Instead of number crunching, AfterData focuses on the top-half of the process of using data to solve business problems. Those steps are missing from Business Intelligence solutions.


Liberate your business from data management chains.

Utilize your knowledge to achieve higher goals.

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